How to Participate


The Meditation and Dhamma Programme:-

The entire course is divided into the following sections.

1. Saddha Bhawana  (Devotion Meditation)
2. Seela bhavana  (Seela Meditation)
3. Samadi bhawana  (Samata Meditation)
4. Kayanupassana  (Contemplation of Body)
5. Chitanupassana  (Contemplation of Thoughts)
6. Panna bhavana  (Wisdom Meditation)

There are residential and part time classes organized by the management. The seven day residential course is conducted at Veluwanaramaya temple, Kannimahara, Waturugama (Gampaha District) Sri Lanka. Part time classes are conducted at Waturugama, Gampaha, Ratmalana and Ratnapura. Duration of the course is about 32 hrs, divided into 8 half days and one session a week. No fee is charged for any of these courses and food and lodging is also free for the residential students.

Please note that those who wish to participate for the residential course should have sent their application by post for reservation two months prior to the expected date. The facilities available are limited to twenty five participants at a time.
Ven. Nandasiri is a student of Ven. Panditha Kannimahara Sumangala thero, and has followed the teachings of late Ven. Valane Siri Amathagavesi thero.