Ven. Siri Amathagavesi Thero


Late Ven. Walane Siri Amathagavesi Thero

Venerable Amathagavesi Thera was born on 19th December 1918 at Walana, Panadura, Sri Lanka, and he got an employment as an English Teacher in Matara. After a short service as a teacher he started his carrier as a Police Inspector in 1943. He rose rapidly to the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police and posted as the Director of the police training college at Kalutara.  While he was in the police he started his Buddhist way of life and practiced meditation. He is married and blessed with a son and a daughter. He retired from the service prematurely and entered the order of the Bhikku, followed by his wife as a Dasa Sil Matha. Thereafter he established a meditation centre at Horana in his own land. By this time he was famous as a dhamma scholar locally and internationally. He travelled overseas to deliver dhamma sermons. The funds he collected from these missions were totally used to uplift many meditation centres. He was telepathic and vividly recalled numerous past lives. He became Anagami (non returner) and later it is believed that he became Arahath before his departure. Most of his follower bhikkus, bhikkunis and other followers have become sothapanna, sakadagami and anagami stages. He passed away peacefully at ‘Suwa Sevana’ Hospital in Kandy at the age of 85.