Most of the people believe that the solar system including the planets, or universe as the world. This belief covers only 1/5th of what we mean by the term of “the world”. Only matter exists in the so called world. The balance is explained in this sermon. The true nature of the so called world has no liveliness, feeling or knowledge. Blessed one taught us that the world means the combination of “the body” and the “thoughts”. The world is in this fathom long physique and where origin of the world, cessation of the world and the path leading to cessation and realise the final solution is exist. To understand this first we have to have a perfect awareness of what we call the body, because all the craving and the attachments are firstly reaching to the body through mind.

The body is only a matter. It is made up of the combination of solidity, liquidity, heat and motion, which are the natural basic elements. So the matter originate when solidity, liquidity, heat and motion attach together at different ratios and gaining a very high speed. This very fact makes them transient and quickly changeable. It also exists and becomes extinct unendingly and therefore the matter becomes impermanent. It is devoid of life, feeling or knowledge. There is an active process also in the world. The active process is the thought which exists within the body. The body has no energy unless thought is within. The body cannot even raise a finger without the thought and when the thought leaves the body it becomes a mere corpse and would collapse as a dead log. There for the thought can be considered as the active agent of this world. Read more >>>>>Contemplation of Thoughts-english.doc




“Saddhindriyan bhikkhave bodhipakkiya dhamma tan bodhaya sanwattathi”
Bhikkhus, The faith is the initial mental state that helps to reach the ultimate freedom. Therefore it should be acquired and developed. This development is called the faith meditation. Before we understand the meaning of faith thoroughly we should know what is meant by meditation. The reason is some learned people have a wrong impression about meditation. They say meditation leads to mental disorders and people should not meditate but pass the time having an anticipation to see Maithree Buddha to understand the great intelligence. For those who believe this loyalty I can say they do not know the basic meaning of the word “meditation”. Read more>>>>
Devotion Meditation-English.Doc