Founder Thripitakacharya Ven. Panditha Waturugama Nandasiri thero

Our Vision

 Those who are searching for the supreme happiness in their lives’ walk through the right path towards the ultimate freedom and achieve liberation from all sufferings in this very life.

Our Mission

People living in this world are constantly working hard to get rid of all kinds of mundane sufferings of life. The modern science is always trying to give an answer to this question by introducing new inventions with unending research, but have not come across an ultimate solution. Day by day the problems are getting more complicated. Buddha has found the way to get rid of all sufferings and his teaching on the path to freedom is documented in the tipitaka. But it is not easily understood by the layman just reading the text. Only a good teacher who has practiced the path to freedom successfully and experienced the teachings can explain in a systematic way for novices to understand. Sambudupada Padmanugatha Siri Amathagavesi Noble Society was established to take you to an experienced teacher. He is Ven. Panditha Waturugama Nanadasiri thero. Nandasiri thero teaches Saddha Seela, Samadhi, Panna sections with meditation through a very pragmatic approach and proven that an ordinary man is able to understand the path to nirvana. Over 25000 laypeople from Sri Lanka and abroad have followed his teachings and have improved their wisdom to understand the life and how to get rid of suffering. Some of his live sermons and the sermons written in Sinhala and English languages, can be down loaded from the read dhamma and listen dhamma section of this site and free sharing are permitted without any change.


Sambudu Pada Padmanugatha Siri Amathagavesi Noble Society

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From the Site Manager

To all budhists around the world

Dear readers, Please note that we compelled to delete our siri amathagavesi google group as it was hacked by an unknown non- buddhist who is against the buddhism. Please do not think bad on it. “VAIRA NOKARAMU”.  If he wants to end his rebirth he also should understand the 4 noble truths in a day may be in thousands of years.

THERE IS NO END IN THE cycle of rebirth WITHOUT ATTACHING TO THE cycle of dhamma

Theruwan Sarani!!!